There Is A River

There Is A River

Words and Music by Max and David Sapp

There is a river that flows from deep within.
There is a fountain that frees the soul from sin.
Come to these waters, there is a vast supply.
There is a river that never shall run dry.

There came a sound from Heaven, like a mighty rushing wind.
It filled their hearts with singing and gave them peace within.
The Master gave this promise, the Spirit will descend
And from your inner being a river with no end.

There came a thirsty woman, who was drawing from a well.
Her life was ruined and wasted, her soul was bound for Hell.
But then she met the Master, who told of her great sin
And if you’ll drink this water, you’ll never thirst again.

There is a river that flows from God above.
There is a fountain, that’s filled with His great love.
Come to the water, there is a vast supply.
There is a river, that never shall run dry.
That never shall run dry.


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